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About us

Who we are?


So you want to know the story behind HERA ZEUS, huh? Are you sure you're ready for it?

Our story starts a long time ago, in 2014. A lot has changed from those early days. Instead of me planning everything by myself at night, we have a fantastic team who now create your HERA ZEUS pieces - most made right here in Europe - and loving it. Instead of selling to a few girls at the markets, we now have a community of the most amazing girls you could hope for who are passionate about the brand (understatement of the year).

Of course, some things will never change. we still love making clothes. We love seeing all the different ways girls style their Hera Zeus pieces. Yeah, we even still love planning our next move at night.

So who we are?

Just three siblings with the coolest job in the world. :)




We are relentless about making the best workout clothing in the world explicitly to inspire sports woman and men to have more sports in their life.

Creating garments that carry over to the street, into a life lived consciously, takes mindful movement one step further: a beautiful life celebrated with forward design.

We are so inspired by the people we surround ourselves with and we aspire to have the same be true for them. That’s why we work to make the HERA ZEUS culture authentic to a healthy lifestyle. 

Somos implacables en la fabricación de la mejor ropa de entrenamiento del mundo para inspirar explícitamente a mujeres y hombres deportistas a tener más deportes en su vida.

Crear prendas que se trasladen a la calle, a una vida vivida conscientemente, lleva el movimiento consciente un paso más allá: una vida hermosa celebrada con un diseño avanzado.

Estamos tan inspirados por las personas que nos rodean y aspiramos a que lo mismo sea para ellos. Es por eso que trabajamos para hacer que la cultura HERA ZEUS sea auténtica para un estilo de vida saludable.


Equipo | Team HERA ZEUS!


HERA ZEUS activewear is inspired by fearless women who wear it like they mean it.
The world’s destination for incredible fashion for incredible women. 

We understand the important responsibility we hold in taking care of our people and our environment. From the beginning, we have built our business through passion, resourcefulness and a continual drive to do things better. Better by our customers, better by  HERA ZEUS team - better by everyone!

That’s why it’s important to us that we keep finding more ways to be a socially conscious, ethical and sustainable business.

We are committed to maintaining ethical practices that support positive wellbeing of our people, our community and the environment. As we learn more and society evolves, our commitment to our responsibilities as a business is constantly evolving too and we are continually finding ways to make our impact on people and the planet as positive as possible.

We not only make the clothes – we wear them too!


Company Values

  • Compassion: We are kind and caring to everyone we encounter.

  • Accountability: Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results.

  • Respect: We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.

  • Integrity: We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.

  • Teamwork: We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together.

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